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World exclusive: Dan Slott unveils Spider-Verse

This November, Marvel will present an all-star comic book event unlike anything you have ever seen before: Starring every Spider-Man ever! The story will take off in Amazing Spider-Man #9 and will feature a Spider-Man story on an epic scale that will be mind-boggling to say the least.

Spider-Verse Cover

"Every Spider-Man ever wasn't enough," writer Dan Slott tells us. "We're bringing in even more. New ones that you've never seen before, as well as Mangaverse Spider-Man, Bullet Points Spider-Man, even a certain Miles from the Ultimate Universe. There are Spider-Men from 'What If?' stories. There's '1602.' There's Spider-Ham and even the MC2 Spider-Girl."

The story is a by-product of the 'Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions' video game. "While I was working on this, I was thinking, 'Why can't we do this, but bigger?'", Slott tells us." "That was the game you have four Spider-Mans of four universes. 'Why can't we have everyone?' So it goes as far back as that."

Spider-Verse 1 Spider-Verse 2

The multi-verse story will feature an enemy who hasn't been seen much in recent stories: Morlun, who will serve as the initial antagonist of the story, but is part of a bigger conundrum.

The main story unfolds over six issues of Amazing Spider-Man, but to see the full extent, you're going to have to wait and see. A new series will launch alongside Spider-Verse, and there will also be a number of miniseries making this an epic Marvel event you shouldn't miss.

March 20, 2014